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  • 商品名称: JZ-36 pulping machine
  • 商品编号: JZ-36-1
  • 浏览次数: 299

Applicable Scope

JZ-36 pulping machine mainly is used for rapidly changing mixture of clay, bentonite , sand (powder) and additive  to be seriflu with features of automatic batching, automatic supplementary, automatic recording, pulping of large capacity, pulping rapidly. It uses high reliability transmission machinery and the ultrasonic thing location control instrument. Pulping equipments have features of Automatic switching the direction of serous fluid flowing, Reliable sealing, long service life and so on. It is the first choice of foundation grouting construction engineering about water and electricity, railways, highways, urban construction, construction, port, mining and other industries.


1.Capacity (a high speed pulp machine) 3.Capacity
Capacity 36m3/h Capacity 10m3
serous ratio (water: cement) 0.6:1 power 11kw
(water: bentonite: cement: powder) 1:0.8:0.2:0.9 4.Capacity (decided according to the technological requirements of users)
(water: cement: sand) 0.8:1:1 cement tank 100t
Water-cement Ratio error ≤±3% Bentonite can 50t
power 30kw Powder (sand) can 100t
2.Transport capacity (decided according to
the technological requirements of users)
5.ability of Automatic control
Cement conveyor ≥25t/h,7.5kw Automatic recording the pulping parameters of water, cement and additive proportion
Bentonite conveyor ≥25t/h,7.5kw Recording  parameters of slurry density (water cement ratio),
flow, pressure and grouting (user configuration)
Powder (sand) conveyor ≥60t/h,15kw control by Microcomputer
Angle about Conveyor and ground ≤25°  
Conveyor power 7.5kw  



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